An open source solution to governance

  • DaoVote enables you to create a Votebank per DAO or multiple if needed
  • Votebanks can have two different kind of restrictions:
    • NFT gated voting
    • Token gated voting
  • Highly customizable: Set it up for your DAO today!


Developer Experience

Making this easier to maintain and focus on writing not coding.


Step 0: Clone project

git clone https://github.com/MonkeDAO/omcvote.git
yarn install
yarn dev # Launches site locally at http://localhost:5173/

Step 1: Configuration

If you already have a Votebank created on the main omcvote deployed program, remember to configure /lib/siteConfig.js with the Votebank key - there are other variables there that can be useful.

export const SITE_URL = 'https://monkedao.io';
export const SITE_TITLE = 'DaoVote';
export const SITE_DESCRIPTION = 'On Chain Voting for DAOs';
export const MY_TWITTER_HANDLE = 'MonkeDAO';

Use .env.example to populate env variables. Helius is recommended for fetching NFTs. The mainnet url is needed for interracting with ShadowDrive as it only works on mainnet.


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