Put your Monke where your Mouth is Voting

Proposal ID 23: This vote acts as the decision process for which Proposal will be taken and moved forward with the community. Each member will be able to vote for the one proposal that they want the DAO to move forward with. Please Select your Choice Below.

Created On: 10/4/2023
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This proposal ended on 10/7/2023, 8:30:00 AM
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Number of Voters
Votes Cast
Option Votes
Creation of a "Mega Monke" role and associated benefits 64 (31.53%)
MonkeDAO NFT Lending Platform 41 (20.20%)
MonkeDAO Stables PFL 39 (19.21%)
Launching $MONKE Solana Rewards Token for MonkeDAO 22 (10.84%)
MonkeBuilders Hackathon 19 (9.36%)
MonkeCon - MonkeDao’s first official online conference 11 (5.42%)
MonkeDO 5 (2.46%)
Bid for a Spot in the 5th Season of the NADCL 2 (0.99%)
MonkeDAO Bar Crawl Across America 0 (0.00%)